Page 10 - Oil&Gas-AustralAsia-2017-Issue-12
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Engineering & Innovation                   petitive technological solutions. The      Production - Fabrication,
                                           range of Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous       Fitting & Testing
WOMA’s progressive and innovative          environment systems (water jet, vac-
engineering capacity has additionally      uum, hydraulic and air compression)        The advent of Globalisation unfastened
enabled the development of bespoke         for exploration, fabric maintenance,       cbArMeoausamrtsnrrtipiyrecaertfltsliiiovateeicnnvkbeafeiobdprrlmridtnooesgdrtiusntahckattenehiodleaendvaAvesossarpioanapgctnoaiianrgrttegeeugdoonioffittnrtyha.dbisey
solutions for its customers in oil and     intervention, injection and abandon-       ktphehetesnbbaoyrmrtiheenorosteonveaennrtdyrysinatmodtoeriasnudgpitspiool,inelaorslw.meraerd-
gas, subsea, mining, municipal and re-     ment is unrivalled in both the northern    Under Blevin’s guidance, WOMA imple-
finery environments. When it comes to      and southern hemispheres. As Blevin        ttpminehrc-eeohhndcnotuoeuomcdlstoeipaogEecnitcnoiaatngilnvitsnrdeoaebslreupyarteriiinrcodigineea,orsl.Di,lsotBiehgnsyeygir,gdeiinnenb,vtyaFeedrrlaoanvbpiaarsinilincincsaggie-ndg
reliable technology, WOMA’s philoso-       says, “WOMA’s technological solutions      qitniuogan,l,aitFbyistaotnilnudgtet,iTcmoeesntltiirnnoeglsaoinvsdearcChporieomvdemudci.stsioionn-
phy of investing in and remaining at the   represent the culmination of substantial   A dedicated team of experienced and
leading edge of offshore industrial and    contractual and operational experience     teewpofmrefoeelplvcn-hitqssiauviusoeraineslpituforhiopefaddootunnttcehgstcoetihaoyinnfnrfgie.tcmrsiWaakaininOlislnisnMfaadgtcAeaitvlhnieptedlauotfttpeoshsmrgeere-enatt
waste equipment design ensures that        merged with core research and devel-       front of expertise in their given trade.
the oil & gas industry can be assured of   opment investment. We have created
the provision of reliable, sophisticated,  new benchmarks, not transformed old
locally manufactured but globally com-     concepts”.

WOMA’s Technical Support Team providing specific project expertise.

Technical Support Services                 This initiative has borne outstanding      Ultra High WOMA gun and Stoneage Barracuda cleaning
                                           reward for those customers who have        a Heat Exchanger.
Internalised production requires the       adopted the concept. In one location
long term sustainable maintenance and      alone, vessel shutdown days (valued
retention of quality personnel. Coinci-    at approximately US$800k / day) have
dentally, they represent the very calibre  been halved saving the client approxi-
of employee required to maintain and       mately US$7.2 million per shutdown.
facilitate WOMA customers’ operation-      At 5 shutdowns per year, this initiative
al applications.                           equates to a considerable cost and
To that end, WOMA supports its sales       productivity improvement in the region
and rental business with Technical Sup-    of US$37.5million. “In a market where
port personnel who ensure that systems     oil, gas, petro-chemical and mineral
deployed and in operation at client        commodity prices are at record lows,
sites are applied productively, main-      this initiative represents an outstanding
tained effectively and safely utilised.    competitive advantage for our custom-
                                           ers”. Blevin said.
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