Page 5 - Oil&Gas-AustralAsia-2017-Issue-12
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New innovations in our industry to
     save costs are vital in 2017

Regardless of where the price of Oil
   finishes by the end of the year

To explore or not to explore! That is the question that most     seismic data maybe be blind.
E&P companies large and small are asking at the moment.          We have published a detailed article on why innovative
Not just because of the price of oil but whether the demand is   exploration ideas need to be considered in the Indonesia
there after the stock piling and surplus in the last 12 months.  pages of this issue which is well worth reading whether
At the time of writing this article, Oil prices have been        you are in the Exploration business or not.
fairly steady around the mid US$50 to US$60 a barrel             We have touched on cost saving and cost saving innovations
mark giving some hope for the coming 12 months.                  before and we are keen to hear from any companies who
Once such innovation I came across in Jakarta earlier            have come up with ideas or inventions that we can promote
this month, was a satellite derived data system that boasts      on the pages of the magazines however small they may be.
a success record of 70% plus in determining the best             Mike Twiss
location to drill in geological challenging areas for oil &      Publisher
Gas deposits both onshore and offshore where traditional

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