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Welcome to the first issue of Oil & Gas AustralAsia

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the first bi- Each issue will have a dedicated section Country wide
monthly issue of Oil & Gas Australasia, offering a compre- covering China, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia. Thailand,
hensive look at the Oil and Gas Industry in an ever growing Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia,
region of the world. Timor-Leste, PNG, Australia and New Zealand. In addition
Our Regional focus spans from China down through Asia there will be a dedicated subsea section plus an Interna-
and South East Asia in to Australia and New Zealand and tional Calendar of events page to keep you up to date with
our aim is to bring you news on what is happening through- what’s happening over the next 12 months.
out the area on a Country by Country regular update to I hope you enjoy reading this first issue Oil & Gas Austral-
include, new projects, new companies, new products and asia, and if you are not already a subscriber I would invite
news about people in the Industry. you to subscribe free of charge using the form on page 47
We believe the magazine will be of benefit to all our readers for either the on line version or the hard copy print version
throughout the region and to those readers around the for which there is a small charge for postage and packing.
world who are looking to do business in this region whether Finally please feel free to send in your editorial news sub-
it be to open offices or to work with local established com- missions on your company, its products and services, for
panies. possible inclusion in future issues of the magazine.

We also believe that or readers will be able to find out what’s Mike Twiss
new in just the one publication which will be available both Publisher
in print and on line.

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